Swooooon #sti #nation #subaru #subies #impreza #import #tuner

Swooooon #sti #nation #subaru #subies #impreza #import #tuner


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My name is Anthony...

I am 20! An adult! A graduate of high school and a college Junior. I love to make music and produce videos. And I also enjoy cars and photography as hobbies. I'm going to Kean University in Union, NJ and pursuing a career in computer science and programming. I currently run an automotive photography company with my dad. I enjoy life all the time and I don't bite! So don't be afraid to love me back! Because I will love you! :D

I am Jess. His best friend<3 He loves me because I am blonde and beautiful. I love him because he loves me and makes amazing music. If you don't follow him, you are a silly head.

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